Jackson County 

                 Department of Social Services
Adult Protective Services
Reports of suspected abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation are evaluated and assessments are completed regarding the needs of disabled adults. Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adult Protective Services Website

Guardianship Services
The Court appoints Social Services as guardian for elderly or disabled adults who are mentally incompetent and cannot make informed decisions concerning their personal care and finances.  Social Services is appointed guardian only when there are no other responsible persons able or willing to act on behalf of the adult.

Guardianship Services Website

Protective Payeeship
Social Services is appointed by the Court or Social Security to receive and ensure the appropriate use of benefit funds when individuals are unable to mange their financial obligations.

Social Security Payee Website

Special Assistance In-Home (SA/IH)
SA/IH provides a cash payment and support services to Medicaid-approved adults, allowing them to live safely in their home, thereby avoiding placement in an Adult Care Home.

Special Assistance In-Home Program Website

Monitoring of Adult Care Facilities and Day Programs
Adult Care Homes and Adult Day Care Programs are monitored for compliance with state licensure and certification standards. Complaint investigations are conducted in licensed facilities.